I am new to development, but I've caught the bug. Building web applications takes a wonderful mix of knowledge, creativity, and...well, an incredible amount of patience and drive. My projects display all of these (except the patience sometimes). I tend to live in the wacky world of JavaScript and its frameworks, but hey, I'm up for anything. We may fight a lot, but React.js and I have developed a lasting bond.

ChatterBox Chat App visual

ChatterBox Chat App

A PWA chat app that was built using React Native and designed around the Gifted Chat UI. Using Google Firestore, users experience a real-time chat interface with offline capabilities. See the readme on Github for more details.

Murph's Movies API visual

Murph's Movies API

A full stack API that was built using React. Clients can create and edit a profile that includes a list of favorite movies from the main library. Other tools used include JWT and Node.js (server side). Data is retrieved by querying a REST API made utilizing MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas.

ToDo or not ToDo visual

ToDo or not ToDo

This is a responsive todo list app built with Vue. Clients can add, edit, delete, and prioritize items to their todo list. This was achieved by implementing a Material Design UI that utilizes the Vue.Draggable package.

Murph's Meetups visual

Murph's Meetups

A Meetup PWA, built with React, that utilizes libraries such as Moment and Recharts to provide an UI with clean data visualization, allowing clients sign up for and stay up to date on events in their area.

I am a promising junior developer that has been molded by a career in the service and hospitality industry. I chose to pursue a career in web development because it provides me the ability to help others by solving problems and utilizing my creativity.

My past experiences in the service industry have helped me to develop vital skills, such as efficient and creative problem solving in order to help people of all backgrounds.

I boast a comedic, yet analytical personality, and I strive to implement it in everything I do. My ideal job involves an environment that values and fosters my personality and desire to incorporate creativity and individuality into innovative projects, helping to improve lives.